The modern marketplace is dynamic, aggressive, and constantly changing. We’ve seen massive leaps being made in product and service offerings, as well as collaborative offers between the two, and selling those more complex products and services takes
more than most sales teams can offer

Buyers have come a long way too. Today’s decision makers are more knowledgeable and cautious than ever before, and that creates an industry that demands a new quality of sales person – one that can:

  • Clearly articulate differentiation
  • Demonstrate how they can deliver financial or positional value
  • Explain how their solution is the right one to fulfill clients’ requirements

Our client research shows that, worryingly, around 78% of sales people are not able to fulfill those marketplace demands.

The vast majority of your sales people are unable to deliver your value proposition in a consistent, engaging and effective way to an audience of decision makers. Commonplace standard pitch formats, methods and technologies have failed the modern day sales person.

Luckily, there is another way – the Whiteboard Strategies way.

Why whiteboarding works so well from Whiteboard Strategies on Vimeo.